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22, Vesimies, Ukraine, Kiev
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Attention !❤ ​An ​accidental ​explosion ​of ​cum ​is ​possible ​be ​careful.❤ ​Attention!

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Profiilin Ossirin tärkeät tiedot
Sukupuoli Nainen
Seksuaalinen suuntautuminen Bi
Ikä 22
Pituus 5'10" - 6" [175cm - 185cm]
Paino 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Hiukset Punapää
Silmät Vihreät
Etnisyys Valkoinen/Kaukasialainen
Kielet Englanti
Kotikaupunki Kiev
Häpykarvat Huolitellut
Rintojen koko Keskikokoiset
Pylly Keskikokoinen
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I love kind, fair, generosity and those who keep their word. I love it when people treat each other with respect, therefore i ask to be understanding and patient.
All my features are described in the menu, you can pay and enjoy. I will also ask everyone who is in my room to be active and sociable with others.
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My name is Liza, i am 22 years old (birthday is Jan 31 if you are interested). According to the zodiac sign Aquarius. I was born and raised in Europe, my parents are of different nations (i am mixed). My height 1.70.
I know that i look very attractive and sexy,
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Please don't ask anything do for free. Just like you, i am on the site for a reason. Everyone has their goals. You must understand - this is my earn money for treatment and health support.
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For treatment.
For treatment.
On of the reasons for working here is that i am saving money for my treatment. As few people have already noticed, sometimes i am overcome by weakness and i become less active. This is all due to some health complications. This lethargy and feeling unwell sometimes comes of nowhere... If you only knew how tired i am of this desease... I just know how to hide it from people :) I hope you understand this and support me in my achieving this goal..
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